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The Northwest Center of Washington, DC seeks to promote the dignity of women and a respect for all human life. We seek to accomplish this goal by offering the loving support and comprehensive aid necessary to enable all women to continue their pregnancies, deliver healthy babies, and adequately care for themselves and their children. With both our Maternity Home and the Pregnancy Center programs, our mission is to support pregnant and parenting women in need, to act on our belief in the intrinsic value and dignity of all human life, and to provide for new beginnings for pregnant and parenting women. The ultimate goal of both programs is to enable our clients to achieve self-sufficiency, which we define as having sustainable employment, adequate health care, and viable housing for themselves and their child / children.

Women’s Center - Washington, DC - The Northwest Center
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  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Results while you wait
  • Abortion education
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Additional Contact Info: Maternity Home 202-483-2857

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The Northwest Center 2702 Ontario Road Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20009
The Northwest Center
2702 Ontario Rd NW,
Washington, DC 20009